Licensing Fonts

—What is a EULA? And, what does Font-Licensing mean?
EULA stands for End User License Agreement. We design typefaces and sell fonts that enable, for example the printing of the designed letters. When you purchase a font, you pay for using the font data, which is a small software package that is being installed on your computer. The purchase of Kontour fonts grants you certain rights to use the font software, but it never warrants a transfer of any copyrights of the typefaces themselves. The exclusive copyright of the typeface designs remains with Kontour.

—What is the Difference between a Desktop and a Web Font License?
Desktop licenses are installed on computers predominantly to use the type in documents for print and in mock-ups of design creations. Web fonts are required for fonts on a web page loading as instructed by HTML markup and CSS styling with the @font-face rule.

—When do I need a Desktop License?
A desktop license is required for type in documents for print and in mock-ups of design creations. Choose the appropriate number of licenses based on the number of computers (CPUs) from which the fonts can be accessed, or will be installed on. Learn more about a desktop font license.

—When do I need a Web Font License?
A web font license is required for fonts on a web page loading as instructed by HTML markup and CSS styling with the @font-face rule. Self-hosted web fonts are provided in the formats .woff, .woff2, and .eot.

Kontour web fonts are purchased once with no time limit (perpetual). They are priced by the number of domains owned by one entity, and expected unique visitors of monthly (cumulative) page views. If your website gets more traffic than initially expected or grows over time, you must buy a license upgrade, please contact Kontour. Learn more about a web font license.

—What else do you recommend when using Kontour Web Fonts on my Website?
Kontour web font licenses require using .htaccess to disallow hot linking the web fonts installed on a server. Hot linking refers to linking directly to non-html objects on a server, such as images, .js files etc. Please learn more about disallowing hot linking.

Please also keep in mind that the type sizes used for web fonts on displays is at the sole discretion of the user. Display behavior is influenced by screen and browser technology, as well as the operating system in use.

—For Web Fonts, can I just use my Desktop Fonts and an online service to churn out Web Fonts?
No, better not. The EULA (End User License Agreement) for desktop fonts you agreed to adhere to, does not allow you to convert the OpenType font files (.otf) to web font formats, such as .eot, .woff, .woff2, .svg, and .ttf.

—When do I need a Mobile App Font License?
An app license is obtained for the embedding or otherwise the inclusion of Kontour fonts in an app. App fonts are available in .ttf (True Type) format.

App fonts are perpetual licenses and not subscription based. Similar to web fonts, you (or the app developer) pay the license fee once and don’t need to renew it. If you (or the app developer) wish to use the mobile app fonts in additional apps, you are required to upgrade your license for an additional fee. Learn more about an app font license.

—Do you offer PDF License Extensions?
Yes, please contact us and we can provide more information and get you started.

Font Purchase

—Is my Online Payment on the Kontour Website secure?
Yes. Our e-commerce platform employs a variety of SSL Certificates from different providers that meet the highest standard in the Internet security industry for secure transactions. Kontour does not retain any credit card details. Each time an order is placed, the information is directly transmitted to our credit card service. Kontour never stores credit card numbers, so there is no chance of unauthorized access, or the numbers being stolen after a purchase is completed.

—What kind of Payment Options do you offer?
We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

—Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes, please contact us and we take it from there.

—Can I exchange one Font for another?
No, unfortunately we can’t fulfill any exchanges of typeface styles or font formats. Please make sure you order what you intend to purchase.

—Do I have to pay Taxes when ordering any Fonts?
By law we are required to apply sales tax to all orders placed within the state of Texas, so your final total may be slightly higher. Besides lone star state, no taxes apply to orders from any other place in the world.

—Why should I pay for Fonts?
Legally speaking when paying for fonts that are not freeware, you are doing the right thing. When paying for fonts and ordering directly from us, you support the development of new font projects. As a micro foundry we depend on funds. Designing and producing professional fonts requires thought, initiative and a lot of effort. Our typefaces are designed, finalized, tested and produced, typically over a period of several years; all to make you and your boss happy at the end of the day.

—How fast do I get my Fonts?
Immediately after you bought your fonts, you will receive an email receipt to confirm that your order is completed, together with a link to download the fonts. The downloaded font files are compressed and have a file extension of .zip. Double click the compressed folder to install the fonts on your Mac or Windows computer.


—What is a Collection?
A collection means a family of typefaces consisting of different styles such as Light, Regular, Italic, etc. If you purchase a collection you get the complete collection of typefaces a particular family comprises of. Besides having a nice library of fonts, the good thing about a collection is its steeply discounted price.

—What makes Kontour design Typefaces?
A passion for we can’t help, but feel it’s the greatest job in the world!

—Did you see my printed Kontour Type Specimen; I think I left it on my desk the other day?
We haven’t managed to produce a printed type specimen as of now. We would really love to design one in the future, but we want to do a good job and make sure that we don’t kill any trees unnecessarily.